mandag den 28. oktober 2019

Visit from old and new friends of UCC

Hello dear sponsors,

In the beginning of this month we had a big group of people from Denmark. Together with mr. Carsten Jespersen, his wife Ruth and their 3 daughters, came all the board members of Uganda Child Care. There was also a former volunteer from the Netherlands who came to visit the baby-, and children homes.

Visit to the Baby home

We visited the baby home with our UCC board members and family and friends of Carsten. They brought so many good gifts, toys and clothes that were donated and sponsored by people from all over Denmark.

Here are the babyhome children and mama's, happily showing off their gifts.

Happy baby's.

Hugging and making jokes with our visitors.

Visit to Emmanuel home and school

They organized a function at Emmanuel primary school with local Ugandan food and singing and dancing by the students. 

Our students dancing and singing.

Our drummerboys

Visit to Emmanuel children home
Our Danish guests and board members came to see the in and outside of our Emmanuel children home.

Curious children receiving clothes and games.

 Thank you to all our sponsors.

Carsten, Joan and Esther spending time with our girl Gift.

Visit to God’s Grace

Time to give! Now Esther, Miriam and Hannah were able to give out some nice toys and stuffed animals to the babyclass of God’s Grace Primary School.

A look inside the classroom.

Our former volunteer got to see her sponsor child again after one and a half year.

A very big thank you to all the people who donated gifts and to the people who came to visit. We really enjoyed having you here. Have a blessed week.