onsdag den 29. november 2017

Speechday at God's Grace

Today was another speechday, this time in our school at the fishermans village Namirembe.

Topclass ready to graduate.

The children singing songs.

Traditional dancing.

Speech from God's Grace's staff.

Carsten and Anne (volunteer) at Lake Victoria.

Because God's Grace primary school is right next to Lake Victoria they gave us these big fish to eat.

It was a nice afternoon and we enjoyed the show.
Thank you for reading.


mandag den 27. november 2017

Trip to the Birinzi farm and babyhome.

Today we visited our South-African friends and owner of the Birinzi farm. They gave us a tour and we saw all the great work they are doing such a great job.

They have big chicken, which is their newest project.  

Carsten is gaining more and more ideas being here.

Water pumps that waters and fertilises their crops.

The place their mechanic works.

We met a new friend.

Watering system.

Big machines! It is like no other farm in Uganda we have seen. Very impressive.

We went to the babyhome and our Finnish visitors brought two suitcases with clothes for the children. Is that not amazing?

New hats.

A lot of clothes.

Thank you for reading.


fredag den 24. november 2017

Speechday at Emmanuel

Today Carsten, Daniel and their visitors from Finnland went to the speechday at Emmanuel together with some of the staffmembers. This is a day where all the parents of the children are invited and the children dance and sing for everyone.

We first had Matooke and Lowombo.

Topclass is graduating and will be starting P.1 next year.

The school choir started the show.

The chairman gave a speech.

Mr Ivan gave a speech.

The school choir had prepared a traditional dance.

Carsten gave a speech and even did a little dance.

Graduates from topclass.

It was a really good day at UCC.


torsdag den 23. november 2017

Google lessons and fieldtrips

Hello dear readers, the last days we had very exciting things going on at Uganda Child Care.

For instance, Carsten and Daniel Jespersen are giving the staff lessons about google drive, google photos and Youtube and how to use it for UCC work.

Daniel explains it all very well. 

The staff is practicing the new things they learned.

Also, we have got new shirts.

Our volunteer Anne is around as well.

God's Graces children are practicing for function day, which is a day where all the parents come to see the dances and hear the songs they have prepared.

We also visited the new childrenshome at Emmanuel, it is looking well. We are about to finish building it.

We love the children at the Babyhome. Carsten has now also met the two new babies that arrived two weeks ago.

The staff also snapped a lot of sweet photo's in the field.

Eating candy.

Playing around. 


mandag den 20. november 2017

Lidt billeder fra søndag og mandag...

Det ugentlige mandagsmøde for staff i UCC
Velkommen til Carsten og Daniel

På vej til kirke - Innocent, Marvin og Kato.