torsdag den 23. november 2017

Google lessons and fieldtrips

Hello dear readers, the last days we had very exciting things going on at Uganda Child Care.

For instance, Carsten and Daniel Jespersen are giving the staff lessons about google drive, google photos and Youtube and how to use it for UCC work.

Daniel explains it all very well. 

The staff is practicing the new things they learned.

Also, we have got new shirts.

Our volunteer Anne is around as well.

God's Graces children are practicing for function day, which is a day where all the parents come to see the dances and hear the songs they have prepared.

We also visited the new childrenshome at Emmanuel, it is looking well. We are about to finish building it.

We love the children at the Babyhome. Carsten has now also met the two new babies that arrived two weeks ago.

The staff also snapped a lot of sweet photo's in the field.

Eating candy.

Playing around.